Sherlock Holmes And The Femme Fatales (ebook)

Sherlock Holmes And The Femme Fatales (ebook)

Magda Jozsa
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Miss Jozsa brings us more stories from the private diaries of Dr. Watson, deciding this time to concentrate on the distaff side of the multitude of characters that crossed Holmes and Watson's path. In Bad Habits, a nun is murdered on her way to see Holmes. During the investigation, Holmes, despite knowing there was a killer loose and while at his most vigilant is stabbed and thrown off a moving train. Watson finds him barely conscious and muttering “angel face.” The only clue they have to go on to catch his attacker. In The Deadly Romeo, we meet the charming and unusual Miss Sabrina Sinclair, an intelligent, independent woman and determined spinster. She has fears that her sister is about to marry a man who is only after her money. The fact that the sister no longer has much money makes Holmes fear for Sabrina's life for if she dies her sister inherits. He and Watson infiltrate her household, Watson as an attending physician to an ill maid, and Holmes as Sabrina's love just arrived from the continent. After thwarting several attempts on her life, Robert Hill (the sister's fiancé) is apprehended, and Sabrina is shocked to learn her sister Rose was a willing participant in the attempts on her life. In Retribution, when Holmes is summoned to the Yard to identify the body of Dr. Watson, he little realizes that it is the start of a prolonged period of anxiety, torture and uncertainty as he and his family are targeted by an unknown enemy. The tension escalates as his brother Sherrinford is murdered and the Holmes estate burned to the ground. Rats in a Trap brings the return of Sabrina Sinclair, as both Holmes and she are targeted by an unknown antagonist. Holmes is tormented by an influx of female clients with spurious cases and ludicrous offers to the point where he is at the end of his tether.

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