Night Of The Wolf (ebook)

Night Of The Wolf (ebook)

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Like most Texas police officers BC CARNOT, has encountered his fair share of monsters – all the human kind – at least until now. When the body of a game warden, surrounded by the foot print of extinct wolves and ritualistic magic, is found in the bayou, BC Carnot must confront his worst fear that he didn't solve his wife and brother's murders two years ago even though he killed the suspect. How could a dead man commit murder? BC, the new chief of police of Blackwater, Texas, tries to manage his inexperienced officers, calm local politicians, and care for his psychologically-scared, daughter Beth. He thinks he can handle it all, but he only sees the surface, and in Blackwater, it's what's beneath the surface that'll kill you. Anyone who can discern the bizarre truth of Blackwater like Beth, who witnessed her mother's murder, isn't talking. Everyone even BC's allies keep secrets from him like his best friends Carol Ann who's casting love spells, or his baseball buddy Harvey the local newspaper editor who's investigating his department for corruption. BC is sure that there is a connection between his wife and brother's murders and that of the game warden, but even when folks try telling him about the legends of Blackwater, a rational man like BC just won't pay those ghost stories any mind. With pressure mounting from the mayor and county sheriff to clean up the crime before the big Fourth of July celebration, BC is sweating bullets. To make matters worse, a pretty reporter with her own secrets shows up and begins poking around town. In the bayous, most big crimes are about drugs, so BC suspects locals red-necks Frank and Jesse Potter. Marijuana plants and Jesse acting paranoid are a sure signs BC's finally on the right track, but when the witness to the game warden's murdered, BC isn't sure that there isn't something much darker taking place here.

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