Murder, Mystery And Croquet (ebook)

Murder, Mystery And Croquet (ebook)

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MAKE NO MISTAKE! THIS BOOK IS ABOUT MURDER. It includes over 80 true stories and mysteries based on croquet. In 1893 the United States courts established the croquet mallet as a deadly weapon. To lighten the book up, it has been sprinkled with old time radio quotes. You will hear from Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and the Shadow. THE UNEXPECTED: The true story of kids playing with an exploding croquet ball will leave you on the edge of your seat. Bonnie and Clyde's gang was taken out be a female croquet heroine. Her story was passed over by a male-dominated press and Hollywood films. Jacqueline Kennedy bashed her croquet opponent in the head with her mallet leaving the player comatose all day long. Cardinal Richelieu in France successfully plotted the peculiar death of a "ball and mallet" croquet opponent in 1618. He talked him into going on a "wonderful adventure" to the new world - French America. You will meet Egg and Bea, two well behaved, small children who excelled in grade school. They used their father's head for a croquet ball and ended his life with perfect croquet mallet stokes. Then they turned on their mother. You will read about the curious croquet deaths of a horse, dog and cat. The eccentric man, who burned his home down over croquet rules will leave you wondering. Trained sparrows robbing unsuspecting croquet players may seem outlandish, but in England "sparrow thievery" was a top crime. There were three croquet cliques in Washington D. C., London and Berlin. It may seem fanciful now, but they virtually ran World War II. A croquet ghost lurks in a Scottish castle, where her murder was successfully covered up. Presidents such as Lincoln, Grant and McKinley were croquet enthusiasts and spread the love of the game through America and the Olympic games. Susan B. Anthony promoted defending "women's rights to own croquet mallets" as a part of her platform.

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Murder, Mystery And Croquet (ebook)


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