I Am The Captain (ebook)

I Am The Captain (ebook)

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"I wish I knew it before" This book is your wish coming true. In just four parts you will get the picture of what it is to start own business. It can serve as a guide to succeed the first hours, days and months of the entrepreneurship. This book captures the moments from the time I signed my resignation papers up to today. The moments are written in a way to be easily graspable and serve as a guide. The book has four parts: 1. the captain – about personal and inner understandings of the new situation 2. the boat – about networking and presentation of your own business 3. the journey - about external influences 4. the plan – about planning and money I believe that the findings I write about are applicable for any entrepreneur anywhere in the world. The pieces of knowledge are about my own opinions, changes, and ways of thinking we have to adapt, or at least take into consideration. It's about the fact that there is a real difference when we hear something and get advice compared to when we really experience it on our own. The book describes different situations which I have noted down throughout the first months. Happenings, which can “hit” us and make us, open our eyes. Nuances, which any entrepreneur has to deal with. The advantage now is that you will know about them before they come. And at the same time I let you see how I and other entrepreneurs coped with those situations. Stories that I collected when sharing the aim of this book.

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