Hunan States Of America (ebook)

Hunan States Of America (ebook)

J.d. Bennett
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The protagonist of the story struggles to recover from a coma induced by a suspicious accident assisted by a fellow patient, EDWARD (RUMMY) RUMENSKI. A seemingly obnoxious orderly, KEVIN (SKIP) PRIESTLEY, methodically feeds him information on the malfeasance by the United States government leaders and the resulting outright destruction of the country's economy, followed by the non-military surrender of the nation to the Chinese protectorate, the Hunan States of America. As GARY SEVAN, our hero, recovers his memory, he remembers that he had a wife and son but there is no record of any recent visits by either of them. He learns that his wife was killed in an auto accident. Rummy convinces the hospital staff to allow him to take Gary on a one day leave from the hospital to visit his old home and see if there were any clues to his son's whereabouts. Skip reveals himself to be a part of an underground organization trying to restore the United States and drive out the HSA. When Gary finds his old house, the unbelievable story that Skip had been feeding him was verified, when the Oriental woman living in his house unceremoniously rejects his efforts to inquire about how she came to be in his house and another neighbor lady confirms and reinforces the reality of the Chinese takeover and also confirms for him the shattering news that his wife died in a car accident, she thought his son had escaped the HSA police, for some reason, by travelling somewhere east. Gary recovers and is discharged from the hospital. Before he leaves, Skip convinces him to meet with a member of the underground resistance and he meets THOMAS JEFFERSON, who he learns has taken that assumed name for safety sake.

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