The Loser'S Guide To God'S Grace (ebook)

The Loser'S Guide To God'S Grace (ebook)

Jane W
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I love Joel Osteen. He has such a great smile and sweet spirit. He speaks kindly of everyone, and his sermons are a guaranteed pick-me-up. What's not to love? I love his books, too. When my husband was dealing with depression, my whole prescription was: let's watch a Joel Osteen podcast every morning and read a chapter from his book every night. How can you be depressed with this kind of positive affirmation and promise of God's blessings? (I don't know if that works, btw, my husband thought it was a lame idea and wouldn't try it.) One of Joel's staffers wrote an article about how he believes Joel's ministry is blessed because Jesus feels like Joel is a friend of sinners, and He loves that. I love that, too. I can't say enough nice things about our Houston boy Joel Osteen. His wife, too, seems really nice, and really pretty. They are a gorgeous couple. And very successful. With his books, and their church, and his TV program and their preaching tours. I expect they bring happiness and hope to a lot of folks. Except to some losers like me who have a tendency to look at someone like Joel and say, "Well of course it is easy for him to believe in God's blessings. He was born to a nice Christian family, married a beautiful Christian girl, inherited a great ministry that his dad started, and now has a lovely successful life. What cause would he ever have to doubt God's goodness?" I know, of course, that Joel has heartaches like everyone else, but on the surface of it, there don't appear to be that many reasons why he would ever doubt God. Because he's a winner! He's successful. Everything goes his way. For him to tell me, a pudgy, struggling writer and bitter childless old lady that God is good and God wants to promote me ... well, a part of me could easily just say: That's what you think because you don't have my problems. Joel's a winner. I'm a loser. Simple as that. Now here is where I want to speak to you especially if you too are a loser.

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The Loser'S Guide To God'S Grace (ebook)


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