Jennifer Kries - The Pilates Mat Book (ebook)

Jennifer Kries - The Pilates Mat Book (ebook)

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Let Jennifer be your guide as you meet yourself on the mat! Build strength and endurance, increase suppleness and flexibility; enhance your range of motion, stamina and determination; feel fitter, stronger, sexier. Create the body you've always dreamed of, as you become more confident and empowered! Reveal the shape you were always intended to have: long, lean, toned muscles, extraordinary abdominal strength and definition, enhanced overall muscular capacity, improved breathing, proper posture, reduced stress and peace of mind! Taken from Jennifer's official Pilates Mat Teacher Training Manual, this Pilates Mat Book is a "work-book"--- an essential, refreshingly simple, "no-frills" guide to the exercises in Joseph Pilates Mat Syllabus. Featuring two of Jennifer's actual students, this book contains 48 pages of beautiful color photos that show the step-by-step progression of each exercise, as well as offering explanation of proper technique, breathing, repetitions and modifications. Also features the complete Magic Circle and Sculpting Series! Whether you are a beginner, or a long-time Pilates devotee, learn essential principles or hone your mind-body skills with this authentic, classical Pilates mat "work-book" created by Jennifer Kries, 2nd Generation Master Teacher, one of the world's leading Pilates pioneers. With a focus on alignment and dynamic, flowing movement, the Pilates Mat Book will provide you with an inspiring and informative introduction, a clear understanding of the essential elements of Pilates mat work: learn how to breathe properly, and find your core in an effective and accessible way, or refine your work as a more advanced student. A unique opportunity to focus on Pilates Mat fundamentals, or take your practice to the next level, while cultivating the skills to create your own at-home practice.

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