Naked In The Water (ebook)

Naked In The Water (ebook)

A.j. Lynne
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A dentist, a stalker, a kayak, a storm... what could go wrong? In this tense, sexy story about a woman struggling to recover from a tragic past in order to allow herself to feel love and trust in the present, a troubled young dentist becomes the object of obsession for an unstable and aggressive patient. Substantial doses of romance and suspense, kayaking and camping, bring the reader along in a cat-and-mouse game that leads to a terrifying confrontation on the shores of Lake Michigan. Angel Bryce feels like she's been living someone else's life. Her career as a dentist, her life in her hometown... it all seems scripted for her by the parents she lost tragically years before. Complacency holds her in place, until she is jolted by an unexpected marriage proposal by her much-younger boyfriend. As she puts him off, jeopardizing the relationship, a new patient in her dental practice becomes an aggressive and unwelcome presence. Michael Stanley resents a forced move back to his hometown in Michigan. He misses his fast-paced California lifestyle and the woman who rejected him, until he finds a distraction in his young, attractive new dentist. The only problem is that she treats him with aloof, professional detachment. He begins a campaign to get close to her, and in the process force out the young boyfriend who isn't worthy to be a real rival. As Angel's life begins to unravel, she pushes away those who want most to help her. And when she finally runs away, escaping to her long-time sanctuary of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, both of the men in her life follow. The only question is... who will get to her first?.

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