The Works Of Charles Ayling (ebook)

The Works Of Charles Ayling (ebook)

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NEVER ENDING SACRIFICE. Timothy's bedridden Mother thinks the world of her son; he has nursed and looked after her for almost a decade after she hurt her back badly in a nasty car crash. Timothy, now approaching forty has resigned himself to the fact that not only has he to manage the family's run down New York apartment building and put up with his mother's insatiable demands, but he will never meet the woman of his dreams. One day beautiful Lilly knocks on the front door, holding a baby and begging for help; what shall he do and what would Mother say? REAL STARS NEVER LOSE THEIR GLITTER. With his journalistic career going down the tubes and his wife of fifteen years deciding to pack up and leave him, Carl is not doing so good right now. Add into the mix that he has to take care of his absent minded widowed father as well, Carl's life is downright miserable. Harry, his long time friend and editor takes pity and decides to give him one last chance before giving up on him altogether. The job is checking out a rumor that the famous S.T.A.R. Rest Home for retired thespians and actors in Hollywood is about to close after seventy years. Being half hearted about the assignment and finding out that he only got the job because everyone else had turned it down, Carl treks off on his vintage motorcycle to investigate, only to find that once entering the Home, his whole life is about to change.

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The Works Of Charles Ayling (ebook)


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