Understanding The Bodha Method (ebook)

Understanding The Bodha Method (ebook)

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Everyone wants a fulfilling personal life and to play meaningful roles in thriving organizations, but the stress in our personal and social lives creates hurdles. Trying to overcome these, we fill our shelves with self-help books on physical fitness, nutrition, diets, and many other great topics. Yet, despite this proliferation of books and the growing number of psychologists, psychiatrists, personal trainers, and medications at our disposal, we still are searching for happiness and wellness. Likewise, new books on leadership and management emerge weekly, containing a wealth of great messages. Unfortunately, those messages are not being practiced in the workplace. As a result, more than two-thirds of employees are so stressed that they choose to be disengaged from their jobs, affecting customer service, productivity, business profits, and employee health. The Bodha Method (TBM) combines the basic principles of countless self-help and leadership/management books into a unique and proven technique with a practical application. TBM is based on three principles when dealing with stressful situations. Throughout the 6-Part, Book and Webinar Series, you will discover how to apply these principles and begin a transformation you may have doubted was possible. For more information, go to www.bodhamethod.com . Book 1 - Understanding The Bodha Method, leads you through discovering your personal levels of happiness and stress. The many unhealthy and ineffective methods we use to cope with stress are discussed. These are then contrasted to the healthy and effective methods of TBM. Join us on this roadmap to happiness. Together we'll discover that personal wellness and business wellness go hand and hand, and that they ultimately serve each other. .

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