The Blueprint (ebook)

The Blueprint (ebook)

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"A Strategic Plan for Brand New, First Year and Struggling Real Estate Agents" Tranett started her career as a part-time Real Estate Agent. She had a full-time 9-5 job; with no room for growth or advancement. She was maxed out on the salary cap. She really needed to make more money and wanted to become a full-time Realtor. And, of course, she desired to be her own boss. During her first year of real estate, she searched for a real opportunity. She desperately needed a way to anchor her career, so that, she could transition safely into full-time. Almost by chance, she found the BLUEPRINT…easily the best decision she ever made. Seven years and over 100 transactions later, she is a full-time multi-million dollar producer. The BLUEPRINT offers a dynamic and strategic plan for Brand New Real Estate Agents, First Year Real Estate Agents and Struggling Real Estate Agents. Tranett Brooks, multi-million dollar producer shares her personal journey on what she did to "position" herself during her first year of real estate. She has personally lived and fully executed this same, exact plan. It's not just something she read about in someone else's book, and thought, "This sounds good to re-write." This BLUEPRINT is her life. If you are a Brand New Real Estate Agent (with zero deals), a First Year Real Estate Agent (just getting started) or have been struggling for a year or two to make your business work; The BLUEPRINT is essential. It is a detailed and honest plan that will help you to: • Get into production immediately • Make money faster • Establish credibility instantly Plus, The BLUEPRINT doesn't require that you spend any of your own money! The BLUEPRINT is all laid out for duplication. The author chose to make deliberate and sacrificial moves during her first year. As a result, she is an accomplished, full-time Realtor seven years later. Allow her to share with you exactly what she did to anchor her career right from the beginning.

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The Blueprint (ebook)


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