Adventures In Catlantus (ebook)

Adventures In Catlantus (ebook)

C.a. Sabez
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Unk is 15, rather tall for her age and has an IQ that’s off the charts. Her Mother, a geneticist, having been put on an educational fast track in her youth, insists that her daughter be schooled with children her own age. “Of course you know having to be schooled within my age group is very limiting and will eventually lead to E.A.B 'Extreme Academic Boredom!’ The young girl complained to her mom. It’s not like she didn’t try to fit in at her high school, but being in the “In Crowd” means “No Geeks allowed!” Unk sat at her computer, her usual Saturday evening entertainment, mindlessly playing computer games, when she suddenly is catapulted into a matrix of millions of particles, all shimmering like spider webs in the early morning dew. Just as suddenly she is brought back to her own reality. After much contemplation, Unk manages to reenter the matrix passing through a portal into Catlantus, where she comes across an advanced feline civilization who offer her an opportunity to explore the mysteries of the Multiverse. Unk is torn, if only for a moment, between her family and what she believes should be a 'no brainer’ the desire to explore this new reality that reeks of challenge and excitement. She will forge new friendships with astonishing creatures, many beyond earthly description; Catlanteons, Ta`Bornians, Snakillians, Shadowlanders, Angelicas, Elfinrise, Reticulans and Fairies will lay the foundation for her to experience a full gambit of emotion; laughter, fear, a bit of sadness and the euphoric experience of her first love. Through a passion for life and compassion for those less fortunate, Unk and her new friends will eventually be initiated into the Brother & Sisterhood of the Renegade Wands. They will use the knowledge learned to help collapsing civilizations on other Multiverse Dimensions. Unk will find a purpose to her wonderings about Quantum Physic, Metaphysics and Morphogenic Fields.

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