Back To Eternity (ebook)

Back To Eternity (ebook)

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This is the story of Ruben, a small town pastor on a mission to evangelize another galaxy, the inhabitants of which have placed science and technology on a pedestal and worshiped it as god. At the heart of the Messier Galaxy is Ocean, a princess in her own right, she embodies the qualities of a woman who knows her identity and her purpose. Stuck in her atheistic society, she dreams there is something more than the dreary perfection that surrounds her. Through luck or fate, mankind finds a way to bridge the impenetrable wall of faster than light travel. Now a team representing earth's major religions, along with the head security officer and his family, brave the 55 million light year expanse and journey to the home of Mandaria When they arrive, they find a race not unlike themselves physiologically, but there the similarity ends. Not all of Mandaria is eager to accept the people from earth, in fact, there is a political cult thriving beneath the surface that has been trying to keep humans from discovering them for a long time. Once Ruben and the people he came with begin integrating into society, they each take different paths and approaches to how they will live their lives in Mandaria. Meanwhile some troublesome teenagers decide to play the ultimate practical joke on the people from earth. Whether they help or hinder the progress of the new found relationship is a mystery, but the teens are spoiled rich kids, who learn a hard lesson in humility. Mandaria has it's faults, one of which is a perfectly created race born from DNA that has rapidly evolved to outmatch their creators. Within ten generations, the Clan race has developed superior starships and advanced Artificial Intelligence life forms that will shape the future of the entire Universe. Power struggles behind the scenes finally erupt in a galactic civil war that threatens society or promises to deliver the two races from a past that is not as separate as one might think.

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