Ark (ebook)

Ark (ebook)

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An unstoppable extinction level event (ELE) approaches the Earth.This impending disaster emanates from within our own solar system, yet to be formally identified by astronomers, is the vast planet named Ark. The 3400 year orbital path of this colossal Earth-like celestial body maintains catastrophic potential which is capable of destroying human life as we know it. For a privileged few, preparations have been under way for many years to save their own lives, the rest of us will perish. In a race against time to save as many as possible humans and alien races work both for and against each other, as a complex web of deceit and mistrust unfolds, to save or “use” as many humans as they can. Centring on a variety of interconnected characters the book paints an intricate and personal picture of each, driven to great lengths, with their frantic actions demonstrating the challenging and dire state of Earth. Two such characters are those of Geoff and Spike, standing at 7 foot tall, green skinned, yet human looking, these Eridanian's are equipped with telepathic capability and an understanding of incredibly advanced technology. Sent to a deep underground base in a normal exchange program they carry out undercover work, however while there they discover the true nature of the base. It is a vile breeding ground where humans are grown from embryos previously extracted from Terran mothers without their knowledge. Parents are pre-selected for high IQ, impeccable health records and a stable socio-political background, creating a new race of super humans who will inherit the earth after ELE. As the tension rises and natural disasters increasingly announce the impending doom, an unlikely hero emerges, whose survival is crucial for the future of mankind. Brian, must swiftly learn that society as he knows it is all a lie. As a washed up, divorced, ex-navy businessman he is oblivious to the fact that he is destined for an important role on Ark and has been since birth.

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