The Final World Order (ebook)

The Final World Order (ebook)

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Time is short. The world is about to end, unless the second plan of the best and the brightest of humanity does not fail... as their first plan did. This is their last chance. And it's a hell of a ride. What do the President of the United States, the Premier of China, the President of Russia, the Prime Minister of Israel, the King of England, and the Drug King of Afghanistan have in common? They are now all people who have been hiding from the world in exquisitely beautiful Thunder Valley. Given no choice, this cadre of loving, brilliant men and women of the Valley must become the kings and queens of the world in order to save it. But that's not all. Behind the scenes, two brave women try to infiltrate the bastions of hell to protect the rest. The chances of success are slim. The odds that they will all lose their souls in the attempt are frighteningly high. Some will die. But however intense it gets... it is an extremely exciting and intense book... don't stop reading until the final resolution of The Final World Order on the very last page. It is what made writing this book possible. The Final World Order is the second book of The Thunder Valley Trilogy. The truly fine people of The End Of The Computer, first book of the trilogy, are back in action, this time in a book of fiction. Or as Andre speculates, perhaps future history, or predictive fiction. It seems all too real, because we are living parts of it now, in real time. In this second book, Eowyn's secrets are revealed... as far as she knows the truth of them. The full reality about her, her mother, her fathers, and the first commune of the Valley remain in the shadows until the third book of the trilogy... The First Commune. UPDATE: the third book has been written and edited, and will be published about July, 2014.

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