The Nuts And Bolts Of Teaching A Yoga Class (ebook)

The Nuts And Bolts Of Teaching A Yoga Class (ebook)

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The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching a Yoga Class is a manual for new yoga teachers. It discusses the many aspects of teaching that usually aren't included in teacher training courses, from planning classes to finding teaching positions to making a place in the yoga community. After reading this book you'll start your teaching career with confidence, not fear! The first section of the book deals with lesson plans: the reason for creating them, the four parts that each class plan should contain and the purpose of each part. The book introduces a master class plan that can be used for many types of classes and explains how to vary the classes. The book encourages the use of stick figures in lesson plans and an appendix of over 150 stick figures of yoga postures is included. The next section concerns the basics of teaching. These include ways to best utilize your yoga space, dress for class, teach poses, and begin, pace and end classes. A third section deals with techniques that will transform your teaching abilities from good to great. Topics included are giving instructions most effectively, using your voice as a teaching tool, mirroring poses, including your unique qualities in your class, and use of music. Another section covers sequencing: three basic kinds, characteristics of good sequences and the use of modules, or mini-sequences, to help in class planning. A final section deals with practical considerations like finding teaching jobs, the pros and cons of subbing and developing a specialty and the aspects of professionalism.

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The Nuts And Bolts Of Teaching A Yoga Class (ebook)


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