My Healing Therapies (ebook)

My Healing Therapies (ebook)

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What does the term “healing” mean? Healing is to bring any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning. As a certified holistic health coach, I understand the urgency of aligning the three core parts of our “whole” being: mind, body & spirit. Each part is dependent upon the other in order for us to experience maximum well-being. If the mind is unbalanced, the spirit and the body are too. Likewise, if the body is sickly, it affects the health of the spirit and the mind. We are all multidimensional beings and that alone makes each one of us unique in our own way. Our quality of life everyday depends upon our ability to truly nurture each facet of our unique multidimensional capacity. What does that nurturing look like? There is no preset formula, no “one size fits all” equation. Each one of us would define it differently based on the various dynamics of our lifestyles, our experiences, our core beliefs, our financial capacity, etc. In this eBook, I provide you a snapshot of how I define that nurturing (personally and professionally) by expounding on my list of the top seven healing therapies and why they are so effective. This list in no way comprises all of the many healing therapies that are practiced, as that was not my intent. However, the intent, is that at the end of reading this, your awareness concerning healing therapies would be raised to a higher vibration that motivates you to seriously consider what works for you and then do that. You, my dear, are in the driver's seat of your own wellbeing. It's totally up to you to decide that you want to feel great every single day.

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