Recherché (ebook)

Recherché (ebook)

Micque Synne
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Vertigen must confront Mairin. Her failure to keep Raine and Antaine as hostages changed everything. Rowan will never come to him, now. Gladianna had seen Rowan ruling beside him, and he trusted that her prophecy would come to light. On the verge of getting everything he wants, Vertigen is wiling to unleash hell on Earth and sacrifice everyone on the planet to rule with Rowan by his side. When Cahal ghosts to his realm with Rowan in tow he realizes what she is. It seems the stories that his ancestors passed down to him may not be just stories after all. But will he divulge all of what he knows to her? She is beautiful and real. She is the first woman he ever felt a real connection to, but Rowan is being pursued by the most powerful man in the realm. Does he dare touch what belongs to the vindictive vampire, Declan? Rowan has to make good on her deal with Cahal, but she quickly realizes that the devil was definitely in the details. Now she is trapped with the handsome Cahal, but she still can't seem to harden her heart long enough to deny her feelings for Ian...a man who has managed to remain a mystery to everyone, including her. Little does she know that the mysterious, handsome Ian is frantically searching through portals to find her, but he isn't alone. Declan is beside himself when his hunting parties come up empty handed. Without Rowan, his world is falling apart, and he is learning what it means to be on the edge of losing all control. Declan leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of the beguiling woman he has dreamed of for centuries. He will use everything and everyone in his power to find and mark his bride. Oliver Pratt's serum was out there somewhere, he just needed to find out who was holding Dr. Pratt. The serum would transform him, and any vampire choosing to align with him in his search for Rowan. She could run from him, but he would soon be able to hunt his beloved both night and day.

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Recherché (ebook)


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