Life & Death In Femanistria (ebook)

Life & Death In Femanistria (ebook)

H. Tanhide
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Life and Death in Femanistria is the third instalment of the Femanistrian Life series, picking up the story from the second book, Honeymoon in Femanistria. Tiberius is now settled at Severnymostik, the name given to the annex of Sever Statok and lives with his Domina, Milena Laska, and her mother and sister. As the story unfolds, he is told of the appointment of his new supervisor, a very young woman who is ambitious and desperately wants to prove herself. Tiberius also meets her best friend, another young Metresa who has the same ambitious attitude, but seems to lack the nerve to promote herself. Being new in the job, Tiberius's new supervisor has her ups and downs but, after meeting Femanistria's Queen, renews her determination to succeed as a powerful Metresa. A plan is hatched to get her friend into Sever Statok, but things don't go as expected, resulting in all three 'culprits' suffering punishment to one degree or another. During the Saturnalia, the most celebrated of holidays in the Femanistrian calendar, Tiberius experiences another revelation and is given a mission to find his mother, whom he thought had died many years ago. This task isn't easy, with him having to endure all manner of challenges along the way. He finds himself being passed into the hands of different women, all of whom seem to like having a slave to govern, but he proves himself time and again, realising that he has become the male whom his very first Mistress intended him to be. As one chapter in his life closes, so the door to another opens...

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Life & Death In Femanistria (ebook)


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