The Road To Welkin (ebook)

The Road To Welkin (ebook)

Hunter Byrd
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The cities of the "Old Times" have long been uninhabitable, infested by a toxin called the luminance; they are surrounded by predatory mutant bands. Distant from contaminated and looted former cities such as "Spocannes" and "Siyóttle," small communes and farms eke out an existence. In Consecration, a fundamentalist cult in the wild mountains of what was British Columbia, sanctimonious "Elrons" subjugate women as child-bearing chattel. Austerity, a young mother – brutalized by her husband, traumatized by sex – is desperate to save her thirteen year old daughter from her own fate. She dreams of finding the mythical Welkin, where, legend tells, women are free and equal citizens. The Road To Welkin chronicles her journey toward becoming a strong, independent, and sexually liberated woman. The story begins as Austerity escapes with her daughter Tabitha, and an adolescent boy, Noah, who has befriended them. Fleeing the mountain wilderness, the trio joins a traveling medicine show, Le Cirque de la Bonne Santé, a colorful, eccentric group that performs a free show at each stop, then barters herbal medicines. Its leader is a charismatic magician Fidéle, who tries to charm Austerity. She feels her attraction to him, and suppresses it. Yet it continues to vex her. Each summer the troupe travels to the former town of Prince George. There, Austerity invokes her mother's herbal knowledge (regarded as witchcraft in Consecration), and prepares new medicines, preserving them in alcohol using an "Old Times" still. Meanwhile, she becomes intimate with a beautiful troupe performer, and gradually begins to overcome her fear of sex. This relationship continues as the troupe begins their return south. Other than a handful of tiny villages, only families or small communes have survived, often with ingenious use of improvised technology or employing increasingly rare relics from the "Old Times.

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The Road To Welkin (ebook)


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