Citizen - Surgeon (ebook)

Citizen - Surgeon (ebook)

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“Citizen-Surgeon” presents the story of U.S.M.C. 1st Medical Battalion's Alpha Surgical Company as it mobilized and deployed to southern Afghanistan in support of Operation Moshtarak, the 2009-2010 battle for Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as experienced by a U.S. Naval Medical Officer. In addition to those outward events, it presents the inward story of how that Medical Officer made a fundamental transformation, that from being a physician who happened to be in a military uniform, into being a Naval Officer that happened to be a physician. The story is more than the retelling of some guy's exciting and momentous deployment; there are enough of those, whether “medical” or not. This narrative, working through a combination of timeline, flashback, and carefully selected vignettes, will leave a watermark on its readers because it takes this foreign, unusual experience and brings the reader inside, brings her along through its vicissitudes, making her or him reflect upon certain universal, timeless issues such as life and death, personal victories and personal defeats, reflect upon the unique character arc that any one of our lives may describe, and importantly, reflect on personal choice and how choice puts us where we are even if we did not fully see how the choice would change us both in good ways and maybe in ways which were not so good. Massively injured casualties are flight-lifted in by helicopter, stabilized, operated upon in field medical facilities, and transferred further down the line. The patients are U.S. and NATO/ISAF troops, enemy fighters, local civilians, and more children than any of us would have wanted. Some injuries are fairly straightforward whereas others are complex in the way only war traumas can be. Civilian practice and pre-deployment training cannot fully prepare one for confronting such horrific traumas: not practically, not psychologically.

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