Abundant Vitality (ebook)

Abundant Vitality (ebook)

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Do you want to reclaim youthful health and vitality? Do you want to transform dormant sexual energy into vibrant power that can supercharge your body and mind? "Abundant Vitality” is designed to teach you exactly how this can be done. This mysterious system of Taoist sexology is simple and easy to learn and will allow you access to limitless amounts of youthful energy and abundant power. Youthful vitality is one of the most sought after treasures. It is the energy, stamina and vigor that fuel our inner strength. But as men and women age they lose touch with this source of power, their inner vitality becomes weak like an unused muscle. Taoist techniques have existed for centuries that teach men and women how to harness their inner vitality and fuel their bodies and minds with primal energetic power. These techniques allow people of all ages to awaken their dormant energy centers and recharge their bodies with the powerful energy of their youth. This book is designed to teach you these specific techniques so that you can improve your life. With practice you can increase your physical energy and vitality, your mental focus, your drive and ambition, your physiological and energetic health, your sexual performance and experience and finally your ability to connect with your sexual partner on a deeper more meaningful level. The most important thing to understand is that the energy that you desire is already in your body it is up to you now to take the necessary steps to unleash it.

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