The Observer - Trilogy - (ebook)

The Observer - Trilogy - (ebook)

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THE OBSERVER is a ground-breaking trilogy. An intricate weave of conspiracy thriller odyssey and confirmed scientific reality. Fact and fiction are blended into a striking pattern of parallels as Cristeau builds an atmosphere of escalating tension and alarm. Incisive and robust in its research this montage of high altruism and cold hard fact is a thought-provoking thriller of wide angles and long shadows. A treasure-house of information unearths a shocking truth. Protagonist, Professor Michael Hart, is an English mathematician and astronomer, teaching in Florida, in the summer of 1968. A brilliant scientific observer, he is the first man to unlock one of the solar system's most damning secrets. He presents his thesis to NASA. Alarm bells ring as his research is met with hostility and suspicion. He finds himself branded an intellectual communist agitator. And the focus of an FBI manhunt across the South. He escapes to Mexico where he meets American anthropologist, Dr. Paul Navarro of UCLA. Sensing Hart is a troubled man, Navarro introduces him to an ancient shamanic soul-searching ritual. Conducted by the local Indians of the Puebla highlands. After indulging in their hallucinogenic ceremony, Hart attains the power to remote-view top secret government files, undetected. His ongoing revelations are explosive and unthinkable. In 1969, as Richard Nixon comes to power in the White House, Hart discovers NASA and the US military industrial complex are controlled by a secret higher order. Behind Apollo's shining facade America is being transformed. Into a space-borne nuclear strike force. In doing so, it has unwittingly sown the seeds of the Armageddon. At the launch of Apollo 13, in April 1970, Michael Hart breaks cover. He risks his life in a bold act of heroism to warn the American public.

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The Observer - Trilogy - (ebook)


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