Bye Bye Black Cat (ebook)

Bye Bye Black Cat (ebook)

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Bye Bye Black Cat provides a road map on how to get rid of bad luck in your life and make fundamental changes quickly in order to achieve your full potential. Set against a road trip across the vast and rugged outback of Australia, this is the story of a pair of twins, Jack and Joe, who realise that with a few adjustments in their way of thinking they are able to turn their luck around and say goodbye to the black cat forever. Jack & Joe drive through the wilderness from Adelaide to Darwin passing through the vast, beautiful and uncluttered landscapes and the world famous Ayers Rock. They find tools to change their mindset and realise they are seeing with new eyes. Their lives begin to change as they release their past programming and realise opportunities. Common to the world’s many and diverse cultures, is the tradition of 'going into the wilderness’ to seek wisdom. Whatever name one gives to this wisdom, the realisation that there is a higher plane beyond the material enables us to become more connected to ourselves. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part is a story about a road trip undertaken by two brothers. The second part is an analysis of the story, using change management methodologies that will give you the opportunity to reflect on and process change. You may choose to read the book in two ways: • Chapter 1 of the story then Chapter 1 of the analysis or • the entire story then the entire analysis You will also find a Glossary of NLP Presuppositions after the Analysis. This is the fundamental level of beliefs that successful people hold. While they may seem like simple statements they have a powerful and profound effect when applied to the workplace and life in general. While the story is fiction, it is a reflection of Sylvia's personal journey. Many elements of her life were fleshed out in the main characters of the book. The book’s characters and events are vehicles that present insights into the formula for luck.

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