Agapanthus Rising (ebook)

Agapanthus Rising (ebook)

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Like the Agapanthus flower, which starts as just a seed, we all have something to share with the world. Too often, however, we don't nurture our talent and beauty enough for it to bloom and make the world a more beautiful place. Roxana Bowgen, however, has always felt the need to bloom, to share her beauty and truth with the world, no matter where she was planted. Now in Agapanthus Rising, she tells her inspiring story. From a childhood of modest means in Peru, to immigrating to the United States, growing up in Beverly Hills, going from not speaking English to being trilingual, and becoming a successful entrepreneur who believes in giving back, Roxana has found meaning in every experience. By traveling the world and helping others, she has also learned how to give the love, support, and inspiration people crave so they can better themselves and their circumstances. Join Roxana now as she offers up her incredible story as a launching pad for her readers to explore the meaning and purpose of their lives. Discover how to: • Access the unlimited power inside you • Feel your eternal connection to the Universe and others • Find answers to life's most difficult questions • Use ancient tools like meditation and yoga to strengthen body, mind, and spirit • Trust in Providence and awaken to a higher purpose • Live the life of passion, peace, and purpose you deserve Isn't it time for you to acknowledge and share your beauty with the world?.

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