Rogue Hopes A Poetry Book (ebook)

Rogue Hopes A Poetry Book (ebook)

Sait Polat
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This book offers simple poetry, Think how exciting it would be to discover a book that told all about love, suffering, distance, un-communicated feelings of your heart and brain, or any senses you might of missed. This book as the title describes is full of hopes and also tells the stories of failed hopes. I'm not going to false advertise about this book how it would give you a chance for you to make up for the missed feelings that could have changed today such a thing could be the discovery of century and possible solution for the future love. Since we think we are the descendants of Adam & Eve. The feeling of love would be first nature; time has come to a stop, the rush of blood, trying to make a fool of you at any moment without thinking. I hope with this book, you can rediscover the feelings you had lost, but hope to find the one, mainly realise the love you have before it's too late. Enjoy... If you love poetry then please read on, if your wondering if it will be a nice read then you have to pick the right day to read the right poem, but if your open to excitement, read.. About The Author Ever since my birth I have never given up on life. Like a bird lived and worked in London, England, Washington D.C., United States and Cork, Ireland. I enjoy travelling, reading, sports, following current affairs, and question programs, spending time analyzing and questioning everything; what, why, how, when, just typical questions of a mind. ________________________________________ The hardships he had endured made him realize the importance of love. He could overcome the suffering and feeling of disconnection because of the people around him. Though we might not always realize the existence of love in our hearts, love for life made him who he is today. So he wrote the words that came from his heart into a collection of poems.

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Rogue Hopes A Poetry Book (ebook)


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