52 Adventure Marathons In 40 Weeks (ebook)

52 Adventure Marathons In 40 Weeks (ebook)

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So buddy sayz to me, " You wanna try some?" I'm thinking this isn't a good conversation already. I need to distract, change the subject or retreat to my inner happy place. Looking at me, I feel he is onto my methods. Drat! I retreat. My thoughts focus. My only addiction is potato chips. The only requirement? Potatos and ummm, oh yeah seasoning, in an unopened bag, please. I will not buy off a street corner either. To risky. I can only have them every once in awhile and only one whole bag at a time. Preferably the largest I can find. I'm like that. I have an addictive personality. What can I say? Hmmm, where are my chips anyway? Caught in the glare of an inquisitive stare and a eager smile, I make one last attempt, glancing around like my dog does when she knows she is in trouble. Smiling, he is calmly expecting a reply. This is too much! I can't handle this level of engagement! I have nowhere to hide. I find no satisfaction to this dilemma and so I succumb. I cautiously reply, "What are you talking about?" He says, "You want some? I think you'll like it." By now my curiosity has overcome my caution. I sigh, "Ok, tell me more." "What is it?" To which he replies, "You want some marathon?" "Huh?" I was thinking he was going to ask something difficult, like for me to share the chips I don't even have yet. "Well, have you ever tried it? I think we should do the Beaten Path in the fall of 2013. The beaten path is 26 miles from end to end through the Beartooth wilderness from just outside Cooke City to East Rosebud. It is a very popular trail." Before it sinks in, I reply, "Hmmm, ok, if your in, I'm in." He is grinning like Cheshire cat, and I whimper. I'm a fat ass, what did I just agree to? "Where's those chips, anyway?".

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52 Adventure Marathons In 40 Weeks (ebook)


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