Angels Of Dupont Circle (ebook)

Angels Of Dupont Circle (ebook)

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The homeless citizens of Washington, DC are being murdered! The discovery of the gruesome aftermath of these slain innocent individuals has become a mystery impossible to solve. The District's Mayor and citizens are demanding answers. This story is a tale of two women detectives whose jobs are on the line, they must find a way to solve the murders. It takes place during the late 1980's, with homicide detectives Brenda Jackson and Jade Lafont, who work the crime-ridden, politically corrupt streets of Washington, D.C.. The Dupont Circle area, a cosmopolitan neighborhood surrounded by some of Washington, DC's historic homes and the heart of DC's nightlife, is an area where some of the bodies have been found. One of the main characters, Detective Jackson is a hard-working, loyal, intelligent 30 something African American woman. She can sometimes be motherly and nurturing, always offering good advice, but she is also technically savvy, and quite an astute individual. With her easy-going personality, she smooths-out problems that arise, mostly due to her partner's bad temper. But don't get it twisted; when it comes down to stopping crime in the district, Brenda is a pit-bull! Her partner, Detective LaFont, considered attractive and physically fit, takes no mess! Her ego is large and her ability to attract men everywhere she goes, is legendary. It amazes all who encounter her how she easily takes on criminals twice her size. Jade's romantic escapades are many in this story of murder and intrigue. Because they are the first, and only, African American Female Detective Team working for the Metro DC Police Department, she feels that they have a lot to prove. She keeps it steamy, with a sexy walk, talk and attitude as she flirts with no prejudice with the good, the bad and the violent! They are under intense pressure by the Chief of Police, the Mayor and citizens-at-large, to solve this bizarre crime spree.

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