King Grumpylib And The Grumpy Town Of Fairness (ebook)

King Grumpylib And The Grumpy Town Of Fairness (ebook)

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Ever since I can remember I have always loved telling stories and illustrating characters. As a kid I loved exploring the colorful action filled pictures of comic books and reading science fiction and fantasy books, which led me to pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Animation and working on graphic novels and film editing. It was only when my wife and I had two children of our own that I saw the importance of using my talents to teach children the moral values and life lessons that I had been taught to me by my mother and father as a child. God has always given me a desire to use my art for storytelling. It has always been a dream of mine to produce art forms that have strong entertainment and moral values. Though I have worked on many projects, this is my first fully finished book. Thanks to my wife for all her support, to my family for standing behind me, and too you the reader for supporting my dream! King Grumpylib and the Grumpy town of Fairness is a humorous family friendly children's book that teaches kids life long lessons about fairness, working hard and contentment. Adults will laugh and children of all ages will understand the moral values taught as King Grumpylib carries out his mission. Enjoy the first book in a 3 part series King Grumpylib and the Grumpy town of Fairness.

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King Grumpylib And The Grumpy Town Of Fairness (ebook)


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