Swindled (ebook)

Swindled (ebook)

Don Fraser
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This book is about how governments could, if they really wanted to, create jobs for all those who want them and pay decent pensions or benefits to those who are unable to work. It is also about how to ensure easily affordable, even free, education at all levels; and affordable healthcare, energy, transport, communications and much more. It is, in short a prescription for enabling and ensuring sustainable equity in the distribution of income and other benefits from economic growth. The book shows, first, how national governments have been effectively SWINDLED out of the means to fund Budgets which support the above means of ensuring equity. It then goes on to show how, if they really wished to do so, governments could very simply reclaim their full funding power and use it to achieve and maintain all of the above – jobs, pensions, affordable essentials and so on for sustainable, socially acceptable income equity – and all without raising taxes or redistributing existing wealth. The book also makes clear that, while better distribution may first appear to be mainly a Leftist objective, the application of these kinds of distribution measures would also facilitate Right, Centre and Left objectives in terms of stronger, more certain economic growth AND deliver an orthodox Budget surplus in terms of tax collected and spent; along with little, if any, debt AND all without causing abnormal inflation. The SWINDLE involved will be shown to have come about in a very similar way to that described by Hans Christian Anderson in his enduring tale of the King's New Clothes. In particular it will be shown how the historical development of the modern banking system has played the role of the 'tailors' who left that King naked.

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Swindled (ebook)


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