Autobiography Of An Orgasm (ebook)

Autobiography Of An Orgasm (ebook)

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What do we think we know about the female orgasm? It's that peak experience, an ultimate moment of climax and release that nevertheless eludes so many. Some women live for it, some have multiple orgasms, some fake it while others simply learn to do without. “Autobiography of an Orgasm” (November, 2014) is a sexy-spiritual memoir that's part steamy erotica and part straight-talking advice. It's the result of Betsy Blankenbaker's tireless journey to learn everything she could about the female orgasm in a personal quest to feel as much as possible after too many years of feeling nothing at all. To solve the mystery of why she spent much of her life disconnected from her sensuality, struggling to overcome the shame of childhood sexual assault, Blankenbaker set out at age 45 to thoroughly research women's orgasm. Along the way, she spent time in bed with orgasm experts, strolled down New York's tony Fifth Avenue with a healing jade egg in her vagina, had a spiritual awakening throug orgasm in Africa, and received sacred “Womb Rites” from a shaman in the Peruvian Amazon. Through lively storytelling and a delicious sense of humor, Betsy shares why she was never able to find fulfillment in life, love or sex prior to her pilgrimage to healing and pleasure. Her findings resulted in this unprecedented book, “Autobiography of an Orgasm.” “Autobiography of an Orgasm” seeks to answer the questions women have but don't know how (or whom) to ask. It is the author's fervent prayer that it will inspire women everywhere to burn their dysfunctional bridges and step into healing by learning to love their bodies and themselves. .

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