F For Failure (ebook)

F For Failure (ebook)

J.e.g. Dixon
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Today's curricula comprise many different subjects, most of which are neither useful nor valuable, and which have no relationship to each other The vast majority of school subjects have little relevance to an understanding of the world we live in or their part in it; and are not designed to prepare or equip the pupils for subsequent professions or occupations, The courses have little bearing on the development of the intelligence, which it seems to me should be one of the primary purposes of education. Knowledge in itself has little to do with education. Official statement: "The following goals reflect and are represented in the prescribed learning outcomes for Social Studies K to 7 in each curriculum organizer. Through their participation in social studies, students will be encouraged and enabled to understand and prepare their roles, rights, and responsibilities within their family, the community, Canada, and the world." No student is allowed to fail a course or an assignment, because it would inflict a trauma on them and damage their self-esteem beyond repair. Equality reigns! Teachers are discouraged in some schools from using the terms 'wife' and 'husband' as relics of an age of inequality The lack of curiosity, the lack of a desire to learn, and apathy in the face of their ignorance, is the gravest possible indictment against parents, teachers, teachers' schools, and education administrators. There are few problem children. There are children with problems Their problems are the parents. There are problem parents in the thousands. Their first sin is their failure to understand that their primary role in upbringing is as teachers. Unschooled parents are the greatest enemies of education and of their children's success in life. Doctors and pediatricians are prescribing drugs for children supposedly 'suffering' from such disorders, drugs with names like antipsychotics and psychotropics. A pronounced feminization of the schools is everywhere in evidence.

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F For Failure (ebook)


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