21 St Century Physician: Keys To Success Of The New World Physician (ebook)

21 St Century Physician: Keys To Success Of The New World Physician (ebook)

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"Every physician's journey begins somewhere. For some individuals, it is continuing a legacy. Other physicians have inspiration from doctors they came into contact with while going through a medical illness. There are still others that found a love of science, realizing their talent in learning and practicing medicine. Some individuals go into medicine to make a lot of money. As great philosophers have said through the ages, "with great power comes great responsibility." Doctors may have preconceived notions of how the public views them. The public expectation of physicians is that doctors will make huge amounts of money. There are some doctors that feel the public should put physicians on a pedestal. Finally, doctors always want to be respected irrespective of their competency. The public and the media see physicians as powerful, all knowing, and wealthy. The reality of the life of an attending physician is vastly different than public perception. Doctors have immense debts from: 1. student loans 2. high malpractice premiums 3. overhead from owning our own practices 4. long work hours 5. call every other weekend interfering with social time and family 6. malpractice lawsuits 7. For some heavy child support and alimony payments. The money physicians make only stretches so far. A physician income barely pays for their expenses. With the new medical insurance cuts, physician's incomes will decrease. These Changes are due to a host of factors including but not limited to: 1. private physician offices overcharging for diagnostic tests 2. poor billing strategies for office and hospital charges 3. malpractice law suits due to poor physician communication The federal government and insurance companies are cracking down on reimbursement for diagnostic tests, procedures, office and hospital visits. They are also auditing hospitals and doctor's offices for incorrect and/or malignant billing. The realistic outlook for doctors is that physicians' income will decrease.

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21 St Century Physician: Keys To Success Of The New World Physician (ebook)


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