Youth Serum (ebook)

Youth Serum (ebook)

Jakes Aubrey
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Youth Serum illustrates a possible future in which someone finally solves humanity's genetic code. Science is rapidly progressing towards the point where everlasting youth could become the ultimate aspiration. This book is a fictional narrative, illustrating a methodology to create a New World Order, with the use of a youth serum as a tool to shift the world to a new paradigm. Youth Serum takes a fresh look at the world we live in. It provides an unusual slant on current belief systems and populist history. With the astronomical advances taking place in genetic engineering, the technology and events described in this book might be just around the corner. One man's utopia could be another's Hades. Social engineering has always been controversial, and redesigning the world provides millions of options. This book is an examination of a possible future, when frightening new tools are available to drive change. With the lure of access to the secret of eternal youth, how far will people go in order to get their share? What could the world be like without formal religion, interest and a Fiat-based currency system? Could the existing green technologies replace the planet's energy requirements once a profit motivation is replaced with a drive to sustain the biosphere as the price for access to eternal youth? Based on the belief that the lure of a return to youthful vigor will be impossible to resist, Doctor Jones embarks on an ambitious project. He uses the phenomenon of a religious miracle as a vehicle to exploit his discovery. David recruits his old college roommate and friend, Marc Bower, to pose as an angel, divinely rejuvenated as God selects him to be His messenger. Marc's cover story as an angel provides a plausible vindication for the rich and powerful to openly support his claims. Once the process is underway, David continually adapts his strategy and develops a vision of a distinctly different utopian world.

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