The Widow Darling (ebook)

The Widow Darling (ebook)

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In this sequel to Turn on No-Bridge Road, Claire Darling, a spunky redheaded mother and grandmother struggling with grief over the death of her beloved Nick, discovers his secret gambling addiction has left her virtually penniless. He has left Claire deeply in debt, the house and property re-mortgaged. The final blow comes when she discovers Steven Steeples, a wealthy suburbanite and developer, was the co-signer on a new mortgage with Nick. The same Mr. Steeples who, a dozen years previously, signed another deal with Nick, over her objections, and became owner of half of Woodbine's 400 acres. For twelve years she has successfully avoided the bewitching purple-blue eyes and cheeky grin of Steven Steeples. His River's Edge Estates, all twenty-four of those ugly modern steel, stone and glass houses are up river, right over the hill. Now Steven has virtual control of all her ancestral property, all high-dollar Rappahannock River frontage. Shock morphs into panic—she could lose Woodbine, the homestead itself, her ancestral home. Then, while visiting a retirement home for seniors to console her mother-in-law, Claire has an inspiration. She could build and operate just such a place on Woodbine's forested acres! Convinced this enterprise can save her from bankruptcy, Claire sets out to persuade family and friends of the need for such a service in Devon County. Trouble begins when she is forced to seek financial help from Steeples—the person now responsible for the mortgage on Woodbine Farm. She was not gracious after Nick's funeral, when Steven had offered to help in anyway he could. But now, she reconsiders, working up courage to invite him to Woodbine under a false pretense about the property line. She serves him a glass of sherry and eventually gets around to her real purpose—that of persuading him to assist with funding the construction of a retirement home. He laughs at her.

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