Neptune King And The Counterfeiters (ebook)

Neptune King And The Counterfeiters (ebook)

Magda Jozsa
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Neptune King and the Counterfeiters is the 16th book in the series. K&J are hired to find a counterfeiting ring, but they are not too optimistic about their chance of success, seeing as how the treasury department's investigators have been working on the case for several months without success. Being a lazy day at work, Shark heads off to run some errands and Neptune decides to take a nap as he's been missing out on sleep at home due Max's—his son's crying overnight. He falls into a deep sleep and dreams about the future: of a time when he and Shark's children are teenagers mixing in real happenings of the day into his dream to create a vivid story. In the first dream, Shark's sons Link and his brother Leo accidentally get involved with counterfeiters. Link, a chip of the old block gets caught by them and abducted while protecting his younger brother. Shark and Leo then set out to trace them and are led to the counterfeiter's headquarters, where Shark rescues his son while the police and the treasury department's investigators round up the crooks. In the second dream, Neptune's daughter Katrina witnesses a murder during a fox hunt. She's an animal activist and was there to save the fox and ruin the chances of the hunters catching it. She enlists Link Johnson help and he sneaks out of home in the early hours to travel with her out to the country estate of Lady Isabelle bunting-Brown. There they leave false scents to confuse the hounds. The hide up in a tree to watch the hunt, amused to see the dog's confusion and the fox getting away. Unfortunately they also get more than they bargained for when the witness a woman knocked deliberately from her horse and her attacker clobbering her with a rock. Terrified they flee, not realizing they've left behind a labelled drink bottle. Rachel and Neptune show up looking for the children and the killer learns about the possibility of them having been in the vicinity while he committed his crime.

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Neptune King And The Counterfeiters (ebook)


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