The Resourceful Mother'S Secrets To Healthy Kids (ebook)

The Resourceful Mother'S Secrets To Healthy Kids (ebook)

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In this book, you will learn about the symptoms, conditions, and diseases caused by food and help you determine which foods are the healthy ones and which ones are the culprits for your child and why (Chapters 1-4). You will read about how to prevent, detect, minimize or eliminate reactions to food (Chapter 5). You will receive numerous ideas for feeding children healthily, with particular emphasis on the alternatives to the common allergens. Vitamins and minerals, that prevent, minimize and eliminate reactions to food, as well as improve overall health, are described in detail with helpful suggestions for getting them into your child's food or drinks (Chapter 6).When a child eats differently than the majority, a parent needs to know how to discuss these differences with their child and others, so that everyone understands the benefits of eating healthier alternatives to "regular" food (Chapter 7). Whether your child is reacting to foods or is simply eating the healthiest possible diet, you need to know how to handle eating out, holidays and special occasions, as well as travelling, so that your child doesn't miss out on any fun (Chapter 8)! Learn about a whole realm of alternative practitioners who can help minimize your child's reactions to foods and help build their immune system (Chapter 9). Lastly, our relationship to food mirrors our relationship to life. This material provides effective methods for helping your child be nourished by food (Chapter 10). There are also loads of recipes for tasty meals and snacks, devoid of common allergens (Appendix). Food sensitivities and allergies are a hidden epidemic. By reading the material within these pages, you will have the tools to improve your child's health for life.

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The Resourceful Mother'S Secrets To Healthy Kids (ebook)


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