Jesus Was A Failure! (ebook)

Jesus Was A Failure! (ebook)

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"Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of evidence, logic, and reason, rather than authority, tradition, or other dogmas." These 126 short essays were all published on the web site between November 2008 and October 2014. They deal with many, many topics, from the existence of gods, the soul, heaven, and hell, to Biblical prophecy, morality, science versus religion, the philosophy of Jesus, that odd attitude called faith, and more. Some began as letters to the editor of local weeklies, some are addressed to confirmed Christians, and some are aimed more at non-believers, but all are offered to educate and entertain those who dare to question their religious predispositions. Their aim is to invite people to think, and think deeply, about religious belief - its inconsistencies, its contradictions, its dangers, and, perhaps most of all, what constitutes legitimate knowledge. In addition to the title essay, "Jesus Was a Failure!", and the prize-winning "An Entreaty to Parents," (2010 winner of the national Letter to the Editor Competition of American Atheists), the book includes, "Does the Bible Prove Itself?", "If God Died, How Would We Know," "Prayer and Insanity," "The Mind of God," " Belief as a Moral Issue," "The Problem of Good," "The Games Theologians Play," "Science Works," "Jesus the False Prophet," "The Fairytale Bible," and several dozen others intended to prick the balloon of religion, especially Christianity. The author, an articulate and outspoken atheist, turns religion upside down and inside out, dissecting the beast with logic and humor, simultaneously challenging believers and entertaining non-believers.

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Jesus Was A Failure! (ebook)


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