Neptune King Of Baker Street (ebook)

Neptune King Of Baker Street (ebook)

Magda Jozsa
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This is the 17th book of the Neptune King series. In A Question of Identity, Neptune King, while on his way home from a fancy dress party with Rachel spots a light on in a bank. He stops to investigate, still dressed in his Sherlock Holmes costume. He spots someone emerging from the side door of the bank a moment before all hell breaks loose as the side wall of the bank is blown out. Neptune is caught in the blast and knocked unconscious. When he revives in hospital, he has no memory of what occurred or who he really is, instead he thinks he is Sherlock Holmes and that Moriarty is out to get him. He escapes from the hospital and returns to his office in Baker St. Deluded, he thinks Shark is Watson and Rachel is Irene Adler. Despite his identity crisis, he still manages to solve the case. Meantime, Rachel hates Sherlock, because he is an obnoxious, rude, arrogant misogynist , and takes drastic measures to try and bring him out of his delusion. In The Hired Killer, a woman hires Shark to murder her lover's wife, mistaking him for a tough biker. He accepts and then sets out to find out if the woman's husband is indeed out to kill her. In the meantime, the wife, Lucia Stilton comes to their agency and speaks to their insurance operative, Milo Washington about hiring them to protect her because she is in fear for her life. The plot becomes a little more complicated when they learn that Greg Stilton is not having actually having an affair. During their investigation they uncover various facts that just don't add up and come to an unexpected conclusion. Meantime, Milo is working on an insurance investigation that nets them a large contract. They show their appreciation by making his contract permanent.

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Neptune King Of Baker Street (ebook)


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