The Enemies Of Neptune King (ebook)

The Enemies Of Neptune King (ebook)

Magda Jozsa
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In this the 19th book of the series, we once again see Neptune and Shark at their sleuthing best. In The Cataleptic Client , they are hired by Ben Korr to find out why his daughter has suddenly become cataleptic. The doctors have found no cause and he is desperate. In trying to find the cause of her catalepsy they discover that his son Jason was murdered and that both his new wife and gardener are suspect. Was the murder the cause of little Mariah's catalepsy or was it something else altogether? In The Mysterious Assailant, Neptune and Shark are framed for assault. The evidence looks black against them and conviction looks likely as, despite hunting through their files for a likely candidate, the fail to turn up anyone that has it in for them. Someone clearly has a grudge against them, but it doesn't seem to be anyone they know. In Shark Learns a Lesson, he is finding out that marriage is not always rosy, as Becky seems to have lost interest in him since the twins arrived. As usual he is completely clueless as to the cause of this until Neptune drops a few hints. Rectifying his mistake he comes up with a solution that benefits both him and Rebecca. In the Secret Enemy, the mysterious assailant strikes again, this time at Rachel, Becky and their children, almost killing them. Neptune and Shark are still no closer to discovering who their mysterious enemy is until Rachel is abducted. Then the clues come in thick and fast and a desperate hunt is on to find and rescue Rachel before she's murdered.

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The Enemies Of Neptune King (ebook)


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