69 Explosive Divorce Tips (ebook)

69 Explosive Divorce Tips (ebook)

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Divorce is brutal, especially for the one left behind, the divorcee. You can expect to experience a wide range of emotions that rock you to your core. Are you immobilized with shock, grief, and depression? Do you feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and frightened? Do you think your life is out of control and you're on a downward spiral? There are ways to navigate these emotional landmines and emerge a stronger, more self-sufficient person. "69 Explosive Divorce Tips" is a collection of sound suggestions to help you master your emotions and survive the divorce intact. “You're going to be all right.” Those words, spoken by her own attorney, gave author Carolyn Fox something to cling to when she was going through her divorce in the 1980s. Later, as an attorney herself specializing in family law, Fox ushered clients through the legal pathways of their divorces. But she noticed that like herself, her clients were experiencing many of the same emotions, and they often followed the classic model of the five stages of grief: denial, depression, fear, anger, and acceptance. But Fox graces us with one additional stage of the emotional process of divorce: hope. In "69 Explosive Divorce Tips," Fox details how divorcees, particularly those who are on the receiving end of the legal action, move through the six emotional stages. It begins with the four words almost no one wants to hear, “I want a divorce,” and moves through attainable tips that can be applied and put into action even when—or especially when—you're at the end of your emotional rope.

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