Heart'S Unforgotten Place (ebook)

Heart'S Unforgotten Place (ebook)

Joseph Feick
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Obsession is never a good thing, even when the obsession is wrapped with love. Thomas is crazy in love with a woman he can never have. He's an outsider that works as a ranch hand in a small town in Texas in 1961. By accident one day he finds himself in the right place at the right time. Sitting on his horse near the house of the most desirable girl he's ever met, the beautiful Ann Toomer. Luckily, she notices him and she offers him some water. He offers her free labor. It seems simple until we unwrap the past of our main characters. Thomas and Ann discover they need each other to help each other deal with past tragedies. Thomas and Ann meet at her ranch house several times and they fall in love before Thomas discovers that she's married. Ann is married to Richard Toomer. He is the minister of the largest church in the city. He's highly ambitious with the goal of being the next great evangelist of the mid twentieth century. Richard's obsession is his career and fulfilling the promises he told Ann when he proposed to her. Richard's greatest talent is talking. To achieve his dreams, he needs creative help and Thomas provides it by working as his ghostwriter. Thomas met Richard months before he met Ann. After discovering that Ann was married to Richard, Thomas decided to use Richard's sermons to heal the wounds of Ann's past. Thomas writes the words that Ann needs to hear in an effort to steal her from Richard. Tension builds within this story as the reader discovers that even the best people can do the worst things. Woven within this main storyline is the story of Jack Sanders, a Korean War veteran that is suffering with post- traumatic stress disorder after suffering injuries while consulting in South Vietnam. His wife Katie goes to extraordinary measures to help her husband. She fakes a suicide attempt in the office of a psychiatrist. Katie is admitted to a sanitarium and Jack is forced to come out of his seclusion.

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