Brave Language Learning (ebook)

Brave Language Learning (ebook)

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What is this book for? This book is a positive voice. It is a voice speaking for those who want to learn their language their way. It is an appreciation of low-budget, high-intensity, low-pressure learning. It is a voice in favour of learning that doesn't need to make economical sense - of multilingualism that transcends the "holiday conversation" paradigm - and in favour of using language for more than a series of predetermined paths. This book is also a voice of defiance. It is speaking against those who would reduce the world's languages to a series of words. It is against those who would equate language learning with "speaking on holiday." And it is very strongly against the pressure to spend time, money and effort on limiting, constrained and pre-packaged language learning solutions. This book is to show you that a different route is not only possible, but also more rewarding and much more enjoyable. It may lack the glamour and commercial pizzazz of the mass-marketed "frontal assault" language learning - but it will enable you to find yourself in language - to take what you need from it - and to contribute to the multilingual landscape in a way that's less explored. Who is this book for? It is for you, if you want to think a bit more creatively about learning a foreign language. It is for people who fall in love with all the language all the time - and whose motivation for becoming multilingual is the sheer pleasure of having a whole new world in their heads, ears, lungs, and on their tongue. It is for you, it you're keen to learn a language your way. The book was written by a person who learned, taught, published and managed language education for over 20 years - you don't even need 10% of this time to develop your taste for languages, your budget and your way of learning. If you're determined to have a great time using your new language - then this book will help you do that.

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Brave Language Learning (ebook)


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