Temple Of Hope (ebook)

Temple Of Hope (ebook)

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Against the wishes of his parents, Ashok leaves India to go to the Sates to study at the Stanford University. He excels at his master's program and also becomes successful in developing an innovative technology. University appoints an intellectual property law firm for legal representation where he meets its partner, Jenifer. They fall in love and get married. Ashok returns to India to work as a partner in his father's firm. His family refuses to accept Jenifer as a member of the family. Tension between Jenifer and Ashok's parents remain high. Several months go by and Jenifer becomes pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl, Amy, who is a spitting image of her. Ashok parents refuse to accept her as their grandchild. Ashok and Jenifer begin to drift apart. Jenifer plans to return to States with Amy when she is five years old. Years melt away and on her fifth birthday Amy is kidnapped. The same day the Indian ambassador goes missing. No ransom is made in either case and police finds no clues about Amy's disappearance. A couple of days later the ambassador returns but Amy has disappeared into thin air. Sophie Kramer, Special FBI Agent, is sent to India to find Amy. Her investigation leads her to Ali Khan, a notorious and ruthless gang leader who happen to be well connected with the senior politicians of the Indian government. Also, he owns and operates a Gandhi Memorial Centre that is supported and funded by influential industrialists and politicians. Sophie is warned by the Chief of Police not to trust the police and work on her own. The ambassador means well but his continuing interference makes Sophie's job even tougher. A junior police officer feels compelled to help Sophie and started supporting her investigation in a clandestine fashion. This backfires and it spells disaster for both of them. Then an unexpected chain of events put her face to face with an aristocratic family of Rajasthan.

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Temple Of Hope (ebook)


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