The Myth Of Brain Disorders: (ebook)

The Myth Of Brain Disorders: (ebook)

Jaleh Fatemi
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The Dangers of Labeling Humans Mission Statement Labeling humans is morally wrong and should be fought passionately and uncompromisingly until labels are no more. It is time for a paradigm shift in how we view ourselves. This shift is poised to have a major impact on all aspects of life on this planet, specifically in education, healing, and the nurturing of human potential. This statement is based on the following assumptions: 1. All human beings, regardless of their race, culture, sex, religion, form of gift, type of intelligence, personality, temperament, style of learning, biological type, or physiology, are created in the image of God. Thus they are all basically spiritual, beautiful, eternal, and absolutely perfect in their creation. 2. If people are properly educated about their higher spiritual nature and true potential, they could and would rise up and fulfill this innate potential, turning this planet into a true reflection of God's heaven on earth. 3. This noble human being therefore must be understood, loved, appreciated, nurtured, valued, and above all respected. The dignity of all humanity needs to be restored to its rightful place, along with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that go along with this new self-concept. 4. Educational systems need to expand their curriculum beyond the basics of reading, writing, and math to include teaching us about who we truly are: spiritual by nature and gifted with a potential beyond our wildest imagination. 5. Labeling humans with psychiatric and educational labels is demeaning and goes against man's inherent dignity, and thus needs to be eradicated for the sake of the overall well-being of individuals and society. 6. Viewing our children and ourselves from a sickness perspective is spiritually demeaning and developmentally counterproductive.

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The Myth Of Brain Disorders: (ebook)


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