Virginity Crisis (ebook)

Virginity Crisis (ebook)

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This book is designed to expose the plots and tricks of Satan and to protect women through information because information is power. All of us at one time or another have experienced or is personally acquainted with a sexually immoral female. This book brings to light the process that Satan uses to takes a female from an innocent virgin into a full-blown sexually immoral individual. No little girl plans to be a whore when she grows up. She is deceived, enticed and eventually ensnared by Satan. This book also explains the danger of Peer Pressure among teenagers and the role it plays in deceiving our daughters. Virginity Crisis reveals to the reader the importance of Virginity and why it is important to remain sexually pure until marriage. The book expounds on biblical principles concerning virginity and explains to the reader what happens to a woman spiritually when she violates these God-given principles. It dissects Virginity and includes many scriptures that explain in great detail why fornication is a death penalty sin if there is no true repentance. It covers Soul Ties that are made during sexual intercourse. It explains what a Soul Tie is, why it is important and what happens when one is illegally made. It also explains how to break a Soul Tie. The book covers the subjects of Oral Sex and Pornography and lets us know what the bible says about them. The book expounds on Homosexuality in great detail. It reveals what it is, how it came to be, who is behind it and what God says about it. The book addresses Homosexuality from a World System view and a medical perspective. Virginity Crisis discusses Dating and Marital Engagement from a biblical perspective. It explains the purpose of dating and explains the do's and don'ts of Christian dating. Finally, there is a “Message to Men” warning them of the consequences of sexually using women for their own sexual gratification.

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