The Strangest Fantasy (ebook)

The Strangest Fantasy (ebook)

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On a whirl-wind book promoting tour in Europe, popular romance author (and mortal) Megan MacNamara desperately seeks a quiet place to finish her newest novel. To her delight, she finds a quaint and isolated cottage in Ireland. To her further delight, it has an enchanting garden perfect for the inspiration she is looking for. Unbeknownst to Megan, the garden is already inhabited by a royal 'glamour' faery who is serving a 1000 year sentence for sexual misbehavior. Prince Lukh is both bored and attracted to Megan, which is a dangerous combination in a 'glamour' faery known for enjoying sexual pleasure. While he can't appear to her in mortal form or touch her as per his sentence, Lukh entertains himself by using his magic to manipulate her mind and to enhance her sensuality. Megan spends all her writing hours in the garden believing that it's there that she is inspired to a level of creativity that results in wonderful fantasies. And energized from her own mental seduction, she is able to write the love scenes in her book. But the fun was over when the book was finished and Lukh realized that through his own one-sided sexual deviltry, Megan had captured his heart. He was impotent to stop her from returning to the mortal world where her new romance novel would become an international best seller. Even though he had seduced her mind with wild and strange fantasies, she would never know he existed. Lukh brooded over how the tables had turned on him. Had he, a royal faery, fallen in love with a mortal? He had to know. Could he find her again in her mortal world? Could he offer her a life in his? Could love sustain them in both? Determined to find out the answers, Lukh sets out to find and woo Megan, totally unaware that unspeakable evil forces were gathering to destroy them both.

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