Publius' Postulates Ii, Executive Words (ebook)

Publius' Postulates Ii, Executive Words (ebook)

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If you think that loyalty, honor, and truth can only be used as they are defined by Webster, think again! Publius' Postulates II, Executive Words does not redefine words used in executive leadership; it applies them in nontraditional practical ways designed to make ho hum executives review their entire leadership strategy. Publius is the enemy of political correctness and all things utopian. The author stresses that many contemporary executive leadership education and training sessions are responsible for the popularity of Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee and the use of laptop movie applications. The book debunks organizational leadership's traditional myths created by the "let's all just get-along" and "all men are equal" purveyors of executive leadership spittle. As Publius states, "Organizational executive leadership is a million miles apart from any other form of leadership!" The book is the opposite of the typical boring text. It incites. It provides no escape or mitigation for the ill suited and ineffective executive that populates most organizations. It is blunt and uses unapologetic humorous sarcasm as a delivery vehicle. It can be read in 90 uninterrupted minutes but supplies a semester's debate and a career of analysis. It both condemns those who are senior leaders owing to any justification other than merit and, provides a route to reform. It suggests how to be a successful organizational executive not how to become a senior executive. The reader will be confronted with examples and situations of successes and failures in executive practices. Be prepared to smile, laugh, sigh, fume, and grumble!.

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Publius' Postulates Ii, Executive Words (ebook)


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