The Tempest (ebook)

The Tempest (ebook)

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Shakespeare's Tempest needs little introduction as being one of his greatest and yet one of his most mysterious plays. In this stimulating book, the author delves into this mystery, introducing the reader to the real meaning of Prospero's magic, the nature of Ariel his spirit, the roles of the other characters as aspects of the human psyche, and the alchemical and cosmological rhythms of the play. The Tempest is shown as being a 'book' of wisdom and initiation, with many levels of profound meaning, written by a Master who knows the nature and possibilities of the human mind, and who appears to have been deeply involved in the underground Rosicrucian movement of his time. This is the fourth of Peter Dawkins' books on the Wisdom of Shakespeare. The series is devoted to showing the depth of wisdom and the extraordinary knowledge of the Mystery traditions contained in the Shakespeare plays. The books are written for all Shakespeare lovers, students of the Western wisdom traditions, and for actors and audience alike. 'With meticulous research and astonishingly diverse knowledge Peter Dawkins creates a provocative and compelling case for seeing The Tempest as an initiatory text and a true mystery play. This valuable series will change the way you think about Shakespeare.' Richard Olivier, Director of Mythodrama, Creative management courses, Globe Theatre. 'We know Shakespeare is entertaining, and his work a phenomenon amongst mankind's achievements, but what is he actually saying to us? There are many interpretations. I find Peter's one of the most beautiful and one that is beneficial to my life, enriching my ability to live intimately with myself, others, and the world around me, seen and unseen.' Mark Rylance, Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

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The Tempest (ebook)


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