The World Constitution (ebook)

The World Constitution (ebook)

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The world constitution is one of the most beautiful book ever write in the history of humanity, self help non fiction inner guide to meditation , consciousness awareness , for the awakening realization of oneself . This book is the convergence of evolution that the world need now urgent , a new dawn of civilization , empty consciousness , awareness , no labels no adjectives no contents , the empty consciousness awareness is infinite unbounded , neutral to any interpretation of the little men , is the quality creativity that animate the all forms of life and the universe , modern science call it Boson bx the quality that keep hold together the all universe and form of it and confer Massa to the particles and atoms and matter , without it the all universe and forms of it disintegrate instant , is the quality that the little men use to call God . In this book the nuance of this alchemy is describe in accuracy , and in this book the guide line of the new world constitution of the UN that need urgent for a new way to live for the world in peace , love compassion , awareness, consciousness, in oneness with the empty consciousness , awareness , non bean eternity, the source of life and death the transcendence of life and death , men in essence in consciousness awareness , is eternal immortal , the forms die but the formless consciousness awareness is eternal a endless journey into eternity ....Angelo Aulisa.

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The World Constitution (ebook)


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